Sarah & Aran’s Wedding

Sorrento, Italy

Beautiful destination wedding in Sorrento, in the heart of the old town centre. The ceremony was in the gorgeous Chiostro di San Francesco and then the reception was at the rooftop bar of Hotel Mediterraneo with 360 degree views of the Amalfi Coast with Vesuvius on the coastline.

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Checking the weather forecast the morning of Sarah & Aran’s wedding, we were all a bit nervous as the Met Office was predicting storms…and after planning a destination wedding in Sorrento to get away from the unpredictable English weather, rain is really not what you want! We kept an eye on some threatening clouds nervously, but THANKFULLY there was absolutely zero signs of the thunder and lightening which was forecast.

In fact, it almost hit 40 degrees! We chatted to the wedding coordinator, and she even commented on how hot it was for that time of the year. The groomsmen, although they looked very dashing, were sweltering in their 3 piece suits. But nobody complained, because the wedding was absolutely perfect!

The ceremony was in the near-perfect venue Chiostro di San Francesco, the old cloisters in Sorrento with a short walk to the clifftop views of the ocean and coastline. It was so surreally beautiful. The old building was covered in flowers with the sun shining down on everyone- definitely not more beautiful than Sarah though, who took everyone’s breath away as she walked down the aisle.

After the ceremony it was back to the Hotel Mediterraneo, a stunning wedding reception venue on the edge of Sorrento. All the guests enjoyed canapés and drinks in the shaded orangery area downstairs, before heading up to the unbelievable rooftop venue with 360 degree views of Sorrento. The whole coastline, the city and Vesuvius was on display. It was incredible watching the sun set on the ocean as everyone enjoyed their wedding breakfast.

The evening party kicked off and literally involved dancing in the moonlight on the rooftop. It was so filled with fun and an amazing holiday spirit. It really summed up everything that is so incredible about having a destination wedding and we were absolutely thrilled to be asked to join Sarah and Aran in Italy!


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